Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pretty Day

Today was a pretty day.   It started off cool so I lit a fire to knock the chill off.  By about 3pm I was wishing I really hadn't lit the fire.  It got a bit warm in the house.  Not much went on today.  With my DH camping things were pretty quiet.  So I just walked around outside my house and took some pictures of the things I see almost every day.
Pregnant cows beside my house.

More pregnant cows.

These are waiting to be milked.
The long white thing is wrapped hay.  
A really neat bug.
Mushroom that are on the stump.

The stump in my yard.

A pretty weed that caught my eye.
Some pretty flowers.


Then here are some more pictures of my little Angels.

Mary playing in the floor.

Lexi asleep.