Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet the Furry Babies

I not only have human babies; I have furry ones too.  We currently have 5 cats and one very hyperactive dog.
 This would be Peppermint (aka: pup-pup).  She is a beagle/jack russel mix.  That means she is both full of energy and brains.  Dangerous mix for a pup that's not a year old yet.  Her birthday is Nov. 18, 2009.  We got her for my DD, Lexi for Christmas last year.

These are my kitties.  For top to bottom:  Genie, Turtle, Yin, Growl, and Sundrop.  Genie is the mother and the others are her babies.  They all are very affectionate and love to let Peppermint "flea" them.  They are outside cats.  When they were inside while they were small kittens; Genie would bring in training tools (birds, lizards, and once even a squirrel).  After that they were moved to the building outside.