Monday, October 25, 2010

Garfield- " I hate Mondays."

This morning hasn't started off that great.  Lexi decided that she was going to get into the baby powders and my bathroom ended up looking like Christmas came early.  When she came out she looked like a ghost.  Thing is I don't know how she got them.  They were in the medicine cabinet.  Or at least that's what I thought.  Yeah, even our tooth brushes got a dusting.  I really hope that today is going to end better than it started.  

We went to church.  We had a guest preacher.  Then we went to my Nana's for lunch/Supper.  It was good.  We had Mexican style food.  Mary's Halloween costume came in the mail so we tried the hat on to see how it looked.  Oh, it was so cute you could've cried.  I got my Nana to take some pictures of my new boots and my purse so that I could post them.  Reese rode his dad's Harley over because he had to leave early so he could come back and feed the cows for his dad.  

Oh the pictures of me aren't that great but we are talking about the boots and the purse.
Mary is going to be a lamb for Halloween and Lexi is going to be little bo-peep.