Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing up the Girls

I meant to get this post out yesterday but we spent almost all of that time fixing out wood stove.  Then handle decided to come off.  I have pictures of the new one that my DH made.  I'll post those tomorrow.  Friday, my DH, pictured below, came in around lunch with a surprise for us.  We get to come with him to bring up the girls.  (Cows).  My girls, Mary and Lexi, both adore their daddy and so they were absolutely tickled pink.  I enjoy being with them plus it gave me a chance to get some pictures of them and the cows.  

This is a picture of the pasture and the girls grazing.  They were so happy to be able to graze.  I wish I could have gotten videos that morning.  They were having a blast.  

These three lovelies stood still for photo opp.  All though I'm not sure what captured the one on the far right's attention. 

There they are walking up the lane into the barn to get ready to be milked. 

Here they are in the barn.

Another photo opp.  She looks kinda like she was posing for this shot. LOL.

Here's a shot of the little organic chicks.

This shot was taken inside the chicken house as they gathered to drink. 

I'll leave you guys with this shot of the skies over the pastures.  It was a beautiful day even though the wind made it a little chilly.

Here's to hoping everyone has a blessed day and a happy start to their New Year.

New Looks and New Projects

Here's Peppermint using my pillow as a dog bed. She was looking so cute that I just had to take a picture of her.

This is one of my new looks, including hair being cut short. Which I did about two months ago. It's not a bad pic except for the stupid  look on my face.   I used the make-up my mom bought me for Christmas. It is all ELF (eyes, lips, face) products which I love. 

This is a picture of my nails.  I used the ELF coral color.  I have two other colors plus a top coat.  I was also really impressed with the polish because it dried fast, which with have two small children is a big plus.   I'm really hard on nail polish and it usually chips within a day or so with top coat and multiple layers, but this didn't.  I applied two coats without top coat and it's just now chipping off after almost a week. 

This is the spice rack that my DH bought me for Christmas.  He not only put it in but he also organized the cabinet for me.  Now I can get my stuff down with out climbing.  Trust me climbing on chairs and being pregnant don't mix. 

This is my first lace project.  It's a wispy scarf by Fystyred.  It's knitting up beautifully.  The yarn is baby alpaca and silk. 

I hope everyone enjoyed my post and I hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

Yeah, I'm so late getting this post out.  We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas.  Spent with lots of family and lots of food.  My two favorite things. LOL. 
This is our tree this year.  Minus a topper because ours broke and didn't get another one.  We'll pick out one next year.  The kids weren't upset about the topper, they were too excited about putting up the tree.

This is the message that Santa left for the girls.

Here is Lexi's side of the tree. 

This is Mary's side.

We got Lexi some training ski's.  Which she's really excited about. 

Reese helped with the presents while I took pictures.

Lexi received the Tiana doll that she asked Santa for.

Mary playing with her tea set.

Mary sampling some of the goodies that came with the set.

More Sampling.

Lexi playing with her Figit.. Saraphina.

After the Santa presents we went to brunch at Reese's mom and dad's house.
Dorcas went all out and made a wonder brunch.  There were many different things to eat and personally I didn't find anything that I didn't like.  Thanks guys for inviting us.

Here is RJ with his Halo figures. 

Reese and Mary, in her new hat. 

After brunch we went over to Pop and Granny's for lunch/supper.  Which was also filled with my two favorite things.  Food and Family. Thanks you to everyone who brought that wonderful time together.  Here are Lexi and her cousins jumping on the trampoline outside.

Reese and Mary both tired and stuffed afterwards.  We all went home and took a nap.  

I hope everyone had a blessed and Merry Christmas.  Happy Friday to everyone. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Our Christmas turned out really well.  The kids got really nice gifts from both family and Santa.  Those of you who look at my blog I would like to say thank you again. 
Christmas Eve was spent at my Nana's, where we opened presents and munched on yummy foods.
Here are some pictures from that.
Mary with her new pappy.

Nana's Tree. 

Mary and Lexi waiting.

Lexi and her new doll.

Mary checking out her box.

Lexi and her horse.

Mary and Mrs. Potato Head.

Mary received a pink lap top.

PJ's and a new robe.

They both received ornaments this is what Mary's looked like.  I didn't get a chance to get a pic of Lexi's or the beautiful one that Reese and I received for our 3rd year together.  I will have to take pictures of those and post them later.

Mary's looking a stylish in her pink glasses and outfit.  Plus she so cute eating her chocolate cake. 

Reese and his new knife sharpening kit.

This is all the stuff that came in it.

Mary was wiped out after all the excitement.

Lexi is all ready for bed.
I also didn't get a picture of the bag of ELF makeup that I received. I'll have to do another post on that.
 "So Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas is almost here

Hi, everyone.  Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday.  It's been super busy around here.  Especially this week.  I've worked my usual two days in a row this week and then today I have a doctors appointment to go to.  Here are the pictures I told you about on Monday.
Lexi loves to do yoga.  So my Aunt Cathy brought her a kids yoga book.  

This is Mary's little pose that she makes every time a camera is pointed at her.

This is the face she makes when you say smile. 

Here my babies are being sweet again.  They are a lovey little pair.  Hopefully Racheal, the new little one who will be here around March, will adopt that loveliness too.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.