Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Days

It's been kinda crazy around here lately with all the holiday planning and all.  We had two family things to go to on Thanksgiving, which left everyone thankfully stuffed to the gills.  Then we had my nephew's birthday party to attend which was a big hit.  He got a lot of great presents and I got ideas for my DD's Christmas presents. Then on Sunday we went shooting down behind our house.  My oldest DD decided then that she wanted a "Princess Gun" for Christmas. I told her that I didn't think that they made a princess gun.  I guess she thought they did because she got a princess fishing pole this past summer.  LOL!  We are all excited that she will be singing this year in the Singing Christmas tree at Church.  I can definitely tell that Christmas is on it's way because my oldest DD attitude is getting worse.  Here I thought it was suppose to get better but I was wrong it's been like this every year so far.  The Christmas presents are coming along nicely.  I'm almost finished with the last set of wash clothes.  Here are a few pictures I've been meaning to post.
Mary looking pretty for the camera.

Mary chewing on her turtle.

Lexi holding up a picture she drew of a princess thinking about a fairy.

Our puppets we made.

Lexi posing for the camera.

Lexi pretending to read a big book.

Our tower that we built.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Pics

These are just some random pictures that I've taken.

Lexi dressed to go outside in the cold.
Lexi in her toboggan.

These are some washcloths I've been making.

This will be a shawl that I'm working on for a friend.

These are the other colors that will be turned into washcloths.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Got a Camera Again! Yeah!

Hi to all my loyal blogger fans.  I'm sorry that it's been a while since I've blogged.  I just got drowned in kids, social events, and house work.  I did manage to get to the library and yeah we maxed out my library card put we got a card for my DH so that we could get more books.  What can I say, I have a love affair with books.  Plus I'm instilling that in my children. 
The kids had a wonderful Halloween and we probably got enough candy to last until next Halloween.  I'm so proud of my DD, Lexi, she  went bobbing for apples and actually got one.  She did really good for someone who is only four years old.  I don't ever remember getting an apple.
For all the knitters and crocheters out there I found some books who's work is based on a crocheting circle and a knitting circle.  Not sure if they are any good yet but I will let you know. 
Hooked on Murder
Dead Men Don't Crochet
How to Knit a Love Story
This is Mary eating a bitter biscuit.  She loved it.  I've also given her oatmeal since we talked last.  I can't feed her that fast enough. 

This is one of Mary "talking".   Well, to all the people in blogger land,  I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday.