Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feel Like Cinderella Before the Ball?

I've got that Cinderella feeling but not the one when she found her prince.  The cleaning part.  Uhh!  Need I say more.  On a positive note:  My migraine has not returned yet today.  It has rained for the past two days so my DD, Lexi is dying to get outside but today is not the day to be outside because it's still very muddy around here.  I looks like it's going to storm some more today as well.  Actually we are in a tornado watch until 9pm tonight.

It's been a windy day and the temp. has kept around 75 degrees F about all day too.  The ditch that my DH dug a while back seems to be working pretty well, considering that the ground in front of my front porch doesn't look like a pond.  

Update on purse:  I'm still trying to finish the strap.  It's suppose to be 36" long.  

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.  Talk to everyone later.