Friday, August 31, 2012

First Week of Kindergarten

Lexi had a busy week starting last Friday when she went to school to meet her teachers.
Here they are below eating lunch on the way to meet Lexi's teachers.  She was so excited when we got there, but we were actually early and they weren't letting anyone in early so we had to wait outside.  We got there like an hour early so we went back to house to get the stroller that we forgot for Racheal.  Lexi was upset then because she thought we were not going to meet her teachers, but once we explained she was ok with it.

Here's Mary, she was kinda sleepy.

Lexi in front of the white board in her classroom.

Here is Lexi, Reese, and Mary in her classroom.

Racheal did really well, she pretty much slept the whole time.

Later on we took the girls to Reese's scout meeting and let them play on the play ground at church.  They had a blast.

Lexi was so hoping that would've went in the basket.  But she tried again and it did.

Mary tired to play ball too.

Here we are waiting for the bus.  Lexi sees the bus and yells, "There's the bus!!!"  Riley being the elementary school veteran was more subdued but Parker, it is his first year too, started yelling, "Where, Where, Where!!!" For the record he is usually very quiet and doesn't really get too excited about things.  But he was really really excited about the bus.

There they are waiting for it to stop with help from us saying, "Wait!"

There is the bus.

Here's Lexi home from school.  She had a good day and didn't get into trouble. I'll post more details on her days later.

Mary says, "Sissy home, Woo Hoo!"

Here's R.J., Lexi's cousin, he's in fifth grade this year.  He had a good day too.

Here are the peacocks combing our yard for bugs with her babies early yesterday morning.

I'll leave you with the barn in fog.

Hope everyone has a blessed day and for those of you at school I hope it's blessed too.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catching Up....

I got a lot to catch you guys up on.  I finished several projects and Lexi will be starting school next week.  Which both exciting and scary.  She is very excited about it.  We are going tomorrow to meet with her teacher and get bus schedules.  Yes, she wants to ride the bus.  Scary, I know but I survived riding the bus from kindergarden all the way til I graduated high school.  We all called it "the cheese wagon".
Mary is pictured below modeling my newly finished Tradition Icelandic Shawl.  I changed the pattern up a little because I wanted some what tighter stitches.  The pattern originally calls for US 10 1/2 circular needles but I moved down to US 5 circular needles.  I'm pleased with the out come so is Mary.

Here is a picture of Racheal sitting up.  She is currently trying to scoot around on her belly so she will be mobile before long which means I will not be able to take her to work with me.  :(

The pictures below are a finished Key Hole Scarf that I've done in Red Heart Boutique Midnight.  Color: 1944 Harvest Moon. Dye Lot: 151
It's Acrylic, wool, metallic polyester, and nylon.  I didn't buy it for what is in it.  But the yarn consists of beautiful fall colors and with a little gold sparkle.
I making an ear warmer to go with it as well. Made out of the same yarn.  I'll post picture of it when I'm finished.
My pictures don't do the yarn justice.

Here is my school girl.  She has lost two teeth and has another wiggler on it's way out as well.  

Here is the finished pot holder from another post I had promised to post pictures of.

Here is my dishwasher my DH got before Racheal was born.  I've been meaning to post some pics of it.  I love it by the way.

This is the snapping turtle that Peppermint found in the yard around the beginning of summer.  I suppose she was coming up to lay her eggs somewhere. Lucky, Peppermint didn't decide to get a closer look.  Reese's wears size 11 shoes and that is his foot beside her.

Mary is being my little kitchen fairy and trying to help with dishes.

These are their projects they made at Bible school this year.  Yes, Mary got to go as well.

Here is the picture frame Lexi made.  Mary didn't get to make one because we didn't know they had classes for her age level until later in the week.

Finally I'll leave you with this picture of Mary and Lexi having a tea party.  Hopefully everyone will have a blessed evening.  Hoped you enjoyed my blog.  I hope get a post out at least once per week.  Thank you for visiting and come back soon.

Introducing Racheal Lee

Wow, I didn't realize that I've not written anything since before Racheal was born. I'm sorry about that. It's just been really nuts around here.
Racheal Lee was born on March 15, 2012, she weighted 8 lbs 2oz.
Wow, I know what you are thinking that a pretty big baby.  You have no idea.  I never thought that I would ever have an 8 lb. baby but here she is.

Here is Mary paying Racheal some attention.  Even though she is 5 months old now the new hasn't worn off yet. 

She's smiling while she is sleeping.

Here is a more recent photo.  She was about 3-4 months old here.

She's about 5 months old here.

This is how she spends her time at work with me mostly.
Except when I put her on a blanket in the floor and she plays for a while.