Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Things

These are something that are good to me.  My dining room table being clear is one.  My DD's, Lexi, room being clean. 

My Dining Room Table
My DD's Room

Breakfast this morning was really good.  Lexi had two bananas plus a half of an everything bagel with cream cheese.  I had my coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese.  It was like soooo good.

Mary rolling over was a big thing that happened too.  She not rolled on her belly then back over again but she did yesterday.

I'm working on a new knitting project.  It's going to be a pocket book but I've only got the pouch finished.  I'm working on the strap and I plan to put a pocket and some flowers on it as well.  I'll post some pictures of the finished product.  This is my first one I've made so it's still a little rough.