Friday, May 30, 2014

A New Yarn

Hello everyone,
I'm super excited to show you some of my yarn that I've finished spinning.
It is 50/50 llama and Suffolk wool.  It was given to me by my DGIL (dear grandmother in-law) she had her llama and sheep sheared about 15 years ago and it has been in storage since then.  When I took up spinning she graciously gave it to me.  So here are some pictures of  before it was spun.

Here it is spun up into singles.

Washing and rinsing after being Navajo plied.

Then finally drying and I can't wait to start knitting it up into something.

Right now I'm working on a pair of fingerless gloves for my DD using some of my hand spun BFL.  I've finished her scarf and I'll post some pictures of that next time.
These next pictures are some flowers from a plant called vetch.  You can buy it to plant but we have it growing wild here.  The cows love it and it is really good for them too.

So I believe I will leave you with those and I hope you have a blessed day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Messed up Pictures!

Hello everyone,
I'm sorry about the pictures in today's post.  Some how they were messed up when I put them on the post hopefully these will load better.

I don't know if these are in the correct order or not but here they are.
Thank you for understanding and sorry about the pictures.
Have a blessed day.

Hot Hot Day!

Good Morning Everyone, 
Today was an interesting day.  It started by helping my DH bale hay.  Here are some pictures of the hay going into the baler and then the finished product.  A beautiful big round bale of hay.

Here are some pictures of a plant that we have growing on our property.  It is a poisonous plant that looks a lot like the harmless Queen Ann's Lace but don't be fooled by it's beauty because it is really deadly.  It is called Poisonous Hemlock
I've attach a link to a website that can give you more information on identifying this plant. It is poisonous to both people and animals.  Notice we have mowed around it because it would kill our cows if they ate it. 

Then after all that I was able to finish my BFL yarn.  Which has been getting better.  

Here is some 50/50 llama and Suffolk wool signals awaiting to be Navajo plied.

 Below is a really good video showing Navajo plying on a spinning wheel.

I have found out where our chickens have starting laying the eggs now.  They were laying in the girls playhouse.  But we moved that into the fence after it was completed so the babies could play in it.  So we had some unhappy chickens for a while.  They have started laying in between the front porch and the chimney.  We are in the process of getting a chicken house with nesting boxes set up for them.  If you would like some fresh eggs our farm sells organic eggs and much more please visit our website for more information at Mary L

I'll leave you with some pictures of the roses in front of the office.

OH Lacy is ready for her close up. LOL

Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey Hey Hey Happy Memorial Day!

Just thought I would wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

We had a wonderful time at my Nana's house yesterday afternoon.  The kids played and played, they were completely worn out by the time we left.

Here are some headbands I've been working on the sell at the farmer's market on Thursdays. My friends from Cookspride Wilfong Farms are selling them at their booth.
The ones with flowers are $15.00 and the ones without flowers are $12.00.

Then I have cotton wash clothes that I'm selling.  There are 4 in a bag for $ 4.00.

Here is a picture of my beautiful friend, Caroline wearing a crocheted headband.  The one in the picture isn't one that I've made but it is similar in the way you are suppose to wear them. They cover your ears to keep them warm.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial's Day.
I'm leaving you with a picture of my youngest DDs watching the girls leave the milking parlor.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sorry I've Been Away................

Hey Guys,
Sorry I've been absent from the blogging scene.  It's been really crazy these past couple of years, but I'm trying get back into the blogging scene.
Lexi is in 1st grade and her school year is coming to an end.
Mary is four years old now and will be starting school next year.
Racheal is two years old and talks, walks, climbs, runs and jumps (getting two feet off the ground) now.
My DH is still working on our family's dairy farm.
I'm no longer a breastfeeding peer counselor because it interfered with my family time too much.
I've recently purchased some Addi Click long lace needles (Which I love) and I have also purchased an Ashford Kiwi 2 spinning wheel. 

Mary riding in the dump truck while I was hauling silage.

Racheal in black and white.
I love that picture of her.

Lexi playing with Diesel, our newest addition to our little family.

Meet Diesel our newest member.  He is a stray that we took in after a friend ours had found him and he didn't really fit in with there other Pitbull.  He is a big lovable, goof ball, who gets along great with the girls and Peppermint.

Peppermint is still top dog and she has acquired a new job.  She is now a cow dog, she helps to get up the cows that graze out front yard.

My Ashford Kiwi 2 that my DH finished for my mothers day present.
I've only been spinning for a couple of months.

My first handspun yarn. 

My handspun singles of 50/50 llama and Suffolk Sheep wool.

Now I will leave you with a picture of the lovely flowers grow by Cookspride Wilfong Farms.
They have lovely organic plants, produce, hay and flowers for sale.
Hope you all have a blessed day.