Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Reading Adventure

Sorry I found this post in my drafts and I decided to post it anyways.  I don't really know how old it is but it's a funny story so here you go.  Oh and ignore the part about my camera.  It's fine.

Yesterday wasn't really that eventful.  Except when my DD, Lexi, decided that she was going to let the kittens in.  They usually just stand there and look at you like, "I'm not going in there."  But for some reason Turtle decided she would come in and as soon as the door shut behind her she freaked out.  She climbed all the way to the top of the door and when I opened it to let her out, she jumped out and was gone like a shot.  Oh, it was one of those times when you wished you had a camera.  It was definitely a funniest home video moment.
Well, my camera is still out of commission.  After my DH came home we took a trip to the library.  Lexi and I both have a love of books.  I only picked out one for myself.  It's called Black Hills by Nora Roberts.  She's one of my favorite authors.  Next I think I'm going to check out some of James Patterson's novels.  My friend is currently reading the Women's Club Murder series.  They sound really good.  Lexi picked out about 13 books and five movies.  We read four last night before bed.  I hope to instill the same love for books in Mary as well.