Monday, December 19, 2011

Singing Christmas Tree 2011

     Sunday's Post is here.  Sorry I'm late. Anyways, Lexi had her Singing Christmas Tree program.  I must say that everyone did a wonderful job.  
     Mary decided to dress up like her daddy before the program.  She loves putting on his hat, but it all good cause she just too cute. 
 Here is the tree before the kids get on.

 This is one of the older children singing.  They did a wonderful job as well.  
 There will be a video further down and I'll let you see for yourself why the little boy made angel this year.  

 Here are the youth being the Nativity scene. 

Lexi enjoying her refreshments after the program.

Mary being entertained by Mimi.

Then she escaped and decided to walk around. 

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday.  Today's post will be out tomorrow.