Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

Yeah, I'm so late getting this post out.  We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas.  Spent with lots of family and lots of food.  My two favorite things. LOL. 
This is our tree this year.  Minus a topper because ours broke and didn't get another one.  We'll pick out one next year.  The kids weren't upset about the topper, they were too excited about putting up the tree.

This is the message that Santa left for the girls.

Here is Lexi's side of the tree. 

This is Mary's side.

We got Lexi some training ski's.  Which she's really excited about. 

Reese helped with the presents while I took pictures.

Lexi received the Tiana doll that she asked Santa for.

Mary playing with her tea set.

Mary sampling some of the goodies that came with the set.

More Sampling.

Lexi playing with her Figit.. Saraphina.

After the Santa presents we went to brunch at Reese's mom and dad's house.
Dorcas went all out and made a wonder brunch.  There were many different things to eat and personally I didn't find anything that I didn't like.  Thanks guys for inviting us.

Here is RJ with his Halo figures. 

Reese and Mary, in her new hat. 

After brunch we went over to Pop and Granny's for lunch/supper.  Which was also filled with my two favorite things.  Food and Family. Thanks you to everyone who brought that wonderful time together.  Here are Lexi and her cousins jumping on the trampoline outside.

Reese and Mary both tired and stuffed afterwards.  We all went home and took a nap.  

I hope everyone had a blessed and Merry Christmas.  Happy Friday to everyone.