Friday, December 16, 2011

9 Days til.....You Know What....Christmas!

     Hi all lovely people out there in blog land.  Ok it is officially 9 Days til Christmas.  We are so behind.  Our tree isn't even up yet. I don't even want to think about all the stuff I wanted to have knitted or crocheted before now that I've decided will just not be done for Christmas. Oh, well.
     Anyways, This past Wednesday was my birthday.  My DH, being the thoughtful person he tends to be, planned a surprise for me.  Which included the girls being taken to their great Grandmother's long enough for us to have dinner together at a place called the Italy Cafe'.  Which was really good by the way.  Then if that wasn't enough, he had ordered the dress that I wore and another shirt for me to wear whenever.  Both maternity/nursing and from Old Navy.  I'll have to include pictures of them later.
     Yesterday Lexi decided that she would take a cold.  Now she's coughing and all stuffed up, but she feeling better today.  Hopefully we'll get this thing knocked out by Sunday.  Her kindergarten Sunday school group will be lighting the advent candle this Sunday at church.  She has scripture that she will get to read.  She's very excited, then she's singing at the Singing Christmas Tree concert that night.  I'll be posting videos of that as well.  I can't wait.
     Today we've been cleaning and trying to get a place to put our tree.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of it soon.
Here is the reason why I get to post pictures now.  My mother and father-in-laws gave me my birthday present today which included this...

 It's a Nikon Coolpix S4100.  With touch screen monitor, wide 5x zoom, and 14 megapixels.
The other camera I'd been using was a HP Photosmart M527. With a 2in. LCD screen and only 6 megapixel pictures. 
I've done a little experiment to see the difference.  I've taken some pictures with the HP and some of the same shots with the Nikon. Here are the results:
Pictures Taken with the HP photosmart camera.
Lexi modeling messenger bag and scarf.

Messenger bag.

One Sock down.

Mary and her ducky watching tv.

Fingerless gloves.
Glove modeled by Lexi

Lexi and her pictures.

Close up of shell stitches.

Racheal's baby sweater in the making.

close up of stitches

Shell stitch scarf.