Friday, December 30, 2011

New Looks and New Projects

Here's Peppermint using my pillow as a dog bed. She was looking so cute that I just had to take a picture of her.

This is one of my new looks, including hair being cut short. Which I did about two months ago. It's not a bad pic except for the stupid  look on my face.   I used the make-up my mom bought me for Christmas. It is all ELF (eyes, lips, face) products which I love. 

This is a picture of my nails.  I used the ELF coral color.  I have two other colors plus a top coat.  I was also really impressed with the polish because it dried fast, which with have two small children is a big plus.   I'm really hard on nail polish and it usually chips within a day or so with top coat and multiple layers, but this didn't.  I applied two coats without top coat and it's just now chipping off after almost a week. 

This is the spice rack that my DH bought me for Christmas.  He not only put it in but he also organized the cabinet for me.  Now I can get my stuff down with out climbing.  Trust me climbing on chairs and being pregnant don't mix. 

This is my first lace project.  It's a wispy scarf by Fystyred.  It's knitting up beautifully.  The yarn is baby alpaca and silk. 

I hope everyone enjoyed my post and I hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday.