Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing up the Girls

I meant to get this post out yesterday but we spent almost all of that time fixing out wood stove.  Then handle decided to come off.  I have pictures of the new one that my DH made.  I'll post those tomorrow.  Friday, my DH, pictured below, came in around lunch with a surprise for us.  We get to come with him to bring up the girls.  (Cows).  My girls, Mary and Lexi, both adore their daddy and so they were absolutely tickled pink.  I enjoy being with them plus it gave me a chance to get some pictures of them and the cows.  

This is a picture of the pasture and the girls grazing.  They were so happy to be able to graze.  I wish I could have gotten videos that morning.  They were having a blast.  

These three lovelies stood still for photo opp.  All though I'm not sure what captured the one on the far right's attention. 

There they are walking up the lane into the barn to get ready to be milked. 

Here they are in the barn.

Another photo opp.  She looks kinda like she was posing for this shot. LOL.

Here's a shot of the little organic chicks.

This shot was taken inside the chicken house as they gathered to drink. 

I'll leave you guys with this shot of the skies over the pastures.  It was a beautiful day even though the wind made it a little chilly.

Here's to hoping everyone has a blessed day and a happy start to their New Year.