Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hot Hot Day!

Good Morning Everyone, 
Today was an interesting day.  It started by helping my DH bale hay.  Here are some pictures of the hay going into the baler and then the finished product.  A beautiful big round bale of hay.

Here are some pictures of a plant that we have growing on our property.  It is a poisonous plant that looks a lot like the harmless Queen Ann's Lace but don't be fooled by it's beauty because it is really deadly.  It is called Poisonous Hemlock
I've attach a link to a website that can give you more information on identifying this plant. It is poisonous to both people and animals.  Notice we have mowed around it because it would kill our cows if they ate it. 

Then after all that I was able to finish my BFL yarn.  Which has been getting better.  

Here is some 50/50 llama and Suffolk wool signals awaiting to be Navajo plied.

 Below is a really good video showing Navajo plying on a spinning wheel.

I have found out where our chickens have starting laying the eggs now.  They were laying in the girls playhouse.  But we moved that into the fence after it was completed so the babies could play in it.  So we had some unhappy chickens for a while.  They have started laying in between the front porch and the chimney.  We are in the process of getting a chicken house with nesting boxes set up for them.  If you would like some fresh eggs our farm sells organic eggs and much more please visit our website for more information at Mary L

I'll leave you with some pictures of the roses in front of the office.

OH Lacy is ready for her close up. LOL

Hope everyone has a blessed day.