Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey Hey Hey Happy Memorial Day!

Just thought I would wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

We had a wonderful time at my Nana's house yesterday afternoon.  The kids played and played, they were completely worn out by the time we left.

Here are some headbands I've been working on the sell at the farmer's market on Thursdays. My friends from Cookspride Wilfong Farms are selling them at their booth.
The ones with flowers are $15.00 and the ones without flowers are $12.00.

Then I have cotton wash clothes that I'm selling.  There are 4 in a bag for $ 4.00.

Here is a picture of my beautiful friend, Caroline wearing a crocheted headband.  The one in the picture isn't one that I've made but it is similar in the way you are suppose to wear them. They cover your ears to keep them warm.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial's Day.
I'm leaving you with a picture of my youngest DDs watching the girls leave the milking parlor.