Thursday, December 16, 2010

So Little Time So Much To Do

Sorry I've not written in a while.  We've been busy trying to get the house presentable for Christmas.  I'm not sure that's going as well as I hoped but it's still going so that's good.  I found my reading glasses today.  They are not the best in the world due to the scratch right in the center of the right lens but what can I do. It's still better than nothing at all.  Anyways, I've been experimenting with cabled knitting.  I made a practice run and for me it was tough getting started because I was all thumbs but once I found my "grove" it wasn't so bad.  I turned my practice swatch into a collar cover for Peppermint.  Here she is modeling it.
  I don't think she's too happy about having her picture took at that moment.  I may make some more for a few other furry babies that I know.  Depending on yarn and time.  Well, here's to the season.  Hope you'll have a happy Thursday, it's only 9 days till Christmas.  I'm so not ready.  Huh!