Monday, December 6, 2010

Magnet Art, Birthday Party for Jesus, and Christmas Presents

This past weekend was cold but good.  It snowed on Saturday but sadly I didn't get any pictures to prove it.  It didn't stick but it counted as the first snow so if it snows again I hope it snows a lot or at least enough for snow cream.  Yummy!
The fist set of pictures are of Lexi's alphabet magnet art.  She so creative.
This is an angel.  
 This is a dog. 
The next set of pictures of from last night at Jesus' Birthday party.  Every year our church holds a birthday party for Jesus and invites the kids and their parents.  We sing Christmas songs, share the story of Jesus' birth, eat snacks, make Christmas ornaments, and wait for our special guest.  SANTA CLAUS!

Here are the girls and Santa Claus.