Friday, March 20, 2015

Knitting projects, books, and dentists

Hello Again,
     It is raining today, although we've enjoyed sun and warm weather this past week. Loved it! Can't wait til it stays warm.
Anyways getting to...

What is on my needles and wheel :

     Still working the mouse doll.
I've completed a few inches on it.
      I've added a few squares to my memory blanket.
      The afghan is still in hybernation. Due to the fact that the yarn and needles are super heavy and cause my fingers to cramp after a few rows.
     If you have suggests for that please feel free to leave comments below.
I've heard of using the gloves that are suppose to massage your hands as you knit. Do those work? Let me know what u think.

    The spinning spring project, I've not really worked on it any these past weeks.

     Going to cast on the second sock for my Easter Candy socks for Geeky Girls Knit Sheepy Spring Kal.

FO (finished objects )

     I'm counting this as a finished object because my others are super long and they won't be finished for a while so I got to take it where I can get it. Lol

     I finished one of the Lego My Eggo Socks in the sweet stripes colorway.  I'm referring to them as my Easter Candy Socks.

[Warning: spoilers are contained below]

     I've finished reading the first Outlander book.  I really liked it. Some parts I didn't care for but you could definitely hate the character that was doing them. I can't wait to read the next one.

     I'm still reading the Smart Women Keep it Simple by Annie Chapman for my ladies circle at church. We have finished the first chapter and we could all relate to it. The next chapter is called Evaluating your Marriage; in which I will be going over that at our next meeting. So wish me luck. Can't wait til our next meeting. 

     I've been watching Season 3 of Heart of Dixie. I've watched episode 15, when the Truitt brothers sue Zoe and Joel for Chicken falling while doing repairs on their new home. Like we didn't see that coming. As usual Golden Boy George comes to the rescue. Honestly I liked Wade better.
OH and Lemon in jail and the two boyfriends at once was crazy!
For Lemon, I kinda liked Meatball. Lol

Season 1 episode 8 of Beauty and the Beast. I love this show. This is the one where Cat finds out that the stories about her mother helping to create what Vincent has become and that there is a way to keep his fugue stages from happening.  They also find out that Cat's mother was trying to reverse the process and help them but the Government just wanted to put them down.

     Season 5 episode 4 Midsomer Murders.  They are investigating the murder of a woman who was in charge of a book club that was actually a cover up for a stock market club for the women to be able to earn some money to call theirs.

      This weekend my husband is off work so I'll be watching The Brothers Grime.  Can't wait, it looks really good.


   Well, I'll be getting my wisdom teeth cut out soon (all four) Ugh. So not really looking forward to that but at least my head aches will stop.

Here is a picture of a turtle I helped across the road last week.

Below are pictures of my youngest DD, Roo, who is now 3. She is getting too big.

     The picture below is her the day after she was born.

   The last picture is one of my DD, Roo, and my DD, Moo. (Both are nicknames. Lol)
They are really close, darn near inseparable. 

      ♡ I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend. As always Happy Knitting and Spinning!  ♡