Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shop Update

Hello Everyone,

     Just dropping in to tell you about some new items I'm posting in my shop The Shepherd Knits.
     First up, I have multicolored striped shawl with black lace edging.  Prefect for chilly nights out. It is made of wool that is next to skin soft. Super cozy, I loved knitting and almost don't want to sell it.
     Second item is a dark, grass green and mint green fair isle knitted slouchy hat.  It would be perfect for a cool spring day.  It is made of cotton yarn.  It has beautiful fair isle stitching. 
That is all I have for now should have more posts soon, thanks for stopping in. As always I hope you enjoy wearing this as much as I've enjoyed making it.  Have a blessed day. Happy knitting and Spinning!