Monday, February 21, 2011

Bird Sighting

Hello Everybody,
This past weekend has been great.  The weather has been so awesome. I'm so ready for spring.  My DH and I went and got stuff to put up a new fence for the kids, we disked and tilled the garden.  So for the next couple of weeks I'll be setting out seeds in trays to start for our garden this year.  Last year I was pregnant and I did have a garden.  This year I'll have one.  He's also putting up a fence around it so that we can keep out the peacocks.

 The farm is covered in them.
 This is our garden a few years ago.

I had planted spinach and radishes but the peacocks came and ate every sprout that came up.
So this year I'll have a fence.
I got a couple bird feeders too.  This morning I saw some American Golden Finches on it enjoy the thistle seed.  I can't wait until I see more.  Here is a picture of one so you know what I'm talking about.  Note: I didn't take this pic.
 It is a female.  I was too just like it on the feeder this morning.  I was so excited.
This is the male. I've not seen one yet but I hope too.
Well, hope everyone has a Happy Monday!